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Working with Commence

  Screen capture showing Commence with my calendar, contacts and research references windows open “Commence” (or “Commence RM”) is a program in the somewhat quaint category called PIM – a personal information manager. Now, why would I need a personal information manager? It was big news almost thirty years ago, running the newly developed Windows […]

A childrens Sgt Pepper

HMS Donovan This is one of the unknown treasures from way back then – 1970. Donovan was taking a shot at Sgt Pepper, starting from children’s songs. The music is just as amazing as the cover. Donovan is an underrated artist, part of the youth revolution in the 1960s, and though somewhat “cosmological”, also quite […]

Oslo pride 2018

Photos by Øystein Gullvåg Holter   Young girls in the parade       Displayed in many ways Her placard reads: “Old gays love best” There were expectant groups of bystanders along the way of the Pride parade, like here And here New meetings happened along the way   Seniors participated also Sisters on the […]

Gender roles and the norm of reciprocity

Sociology and reciprocity (1997) Reproduced on demand. Appendix 3, page 559-68, in my Dr. Philos. dissertation, Gender, Patriarchy and Capitalism – a Social Forms Analysis, The Work Research Institute, Oslo 1997.  Original text follows. – – Appendix 3 Sociology and reciprocity (1997) Introduction This appendix discusses some methodological points of social forms analysis, and some […]

Asimov’s Foundation

When discussing science fiction, and especially books like Heinlein’s Revolt in 2100, there is no way to get around Isaac Asimov’s Foundation trilogy. I remember, as a teenager, how it made a great impression on me. A way out, after having read Orwell’s 1984 and Huxley’s Brave new world. (Picture: scan of the book covers, […]

Revolt in 2100

Robert Heinlein: Revolt in 2100 – a re-review   I have always liked science fiction. One of the first things I ever published, in a science fiction “fanzine” called Surg that I made as a youth in the 1960s, was a comparison of Huxley’s Brave new world, and Orwell’s 1984. I learned English by reading […]

Authoritarian build-up revisited

I am re-reading Klaus Theweleit’s Male Fantasies (1977). I had it in book paper format, but someone ‘borrowed’ it, a long time ago, so my memory had grown hazy. Now it is available on the web. Re-reading is an interesting experience.  Here is why this work is considered a classic in the (still small and […]

Terrapin station

Maybe, the Grateful Dead were better doing free flow improvisation like on Dark Star. Or doing country rock. Yet Terrapin station struck me hard when I first heard it, this was a serious try to summarize counterculture events, when it was released in 1977. Involving an extended orchestra, choir, rhythm section, going beyond what was […]

Men’s health – worthy of investment?

A recent plan at the Leeds Becket University to close down their Centre for Men’s Health has created discussion, and even a petition, among researchers. I have joined it. What is needed is a follow up of this research, not a close down. My own research shows that there are large, but so far not […]

Men and masculinities – research news

Four news from the research front line… 1 The International men and gender equality survey (IMAGES) has recently been made in four Arabic countries (Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine). The IMAGES survey model, developed from 2009 onwards, is partly based on the Norwegian model in the 2007 (Likestilling og livskvalitet – Gender Equality and Quality of […]

Working with Commence

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