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Authoritarian build-up revisited

I am re-reading Klaus Theweleit’s Male Fantasies (1977). I had it in book paper format, but someone ‘borrowed’ it, a long time ago, so my memory had grown hazy. Now it is available on the web. Re-reading is an interesting experience.  Here is why this work is considered a classic in the (still small and […]

Terrapin station

Maybe, the Grateful Dead were better doing free flow improvisation like on Dark Star. Or doing country rock. Yet Terrapin station struck me hard when I first heard it, this was a serious try to summarize counterculture events, when it was released in 1977. Involving an extended orchestra, choir, rhythm section, going beyond what was […]

Men’s health – worthy of investment?

A recent plan at the Leeds Becket University to close down their Centre for Men’s Health has created discussion, and even a petition, among researchers. I have joined it. What is needed is a follow up of this research, not a close down. My own research shows that there are large, but so far not […]

Men and masculinities – research news

Four news from the research front line… 1 The International men and gender equality survey (IMAGES) has recently been made in four Arabic countries (Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine). The IMAGES survey model, developed from 2009 onwards, is partly based on the Norwegian model in the 2007 (Likestilling og livskvalitet – Gender Equality and Quality of […]

Men against rape

The “Men against rape” initiative In 2006-7, there were many rape cases in Oslo. Some media called it a ‘rape wave’. I wanted to do something about this. I initiated a network and campaign, “Men against rape”. Many men signed our declaration. We got support from the Reform resource center and the Gender Equality Ombudsman. […]

Gender equality – the hidden variable

For many years now, we have heard how men do this and women do that. Men and women are different. For example, men are more violent than women. Only recently has research introduced gender in/equality as a control variable, regarding these proclaimed gender differences. The results are dramatic. Introducing the gender equality variable unsettles much […]

Those were the days

My loft is a mess. Recently I found some pictures from way back when. In the 1970ies I was a member of the folk rock band Samvirkelaget. I also played with other groups. Here, I play flute on a student concert, 1979. I was never that good on guitar, but could play my own songs, […]

Brexit blues

“Why can’t we play today Why can’t we stay that way “ Richard Wright, Remember a day, on Pink Floyd album A saucerful of secrets, 1968  

The Beatles and The Twelve Dreams of Dr Sardonicus

Question: What were the best albums following up the message of the Beatles, on Sgt Pepper and other albums? My answer: There were many good follow-ups of course, due to the seminal nature of the Beatles effort. I think the Spirit album “Twelve Dreams of Dr Sardonicus” is one of the best, balancing right at […]

New music

Here are three great LPs discovered recently: Toumani and Sidiki – father and son playing koras – dreamlike, lifelike, rythmic (all the more flowing, without percussion or drums). Showing how world music is coming of age, this is a new classic. Blue Oyster Cult: Secret Treaties (1974), reissued by Speaker’s Corner 2014. This album was […]

Authoritarian build-up revisited

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