Øystein Gullvåg Holter

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Dear visitor

This site started as a “home page” thirty years ago, mainly, with a list of my publications, but some more personal and private stuff too.

For the full listing / archive of publications, with downloads, and some home page content, go here: http://ogholter.no/archive-page/

For my current research connected to the University of Oslo go here.

Blog posts are explained here: http://ogholter.no/blog posts.

From March 2020, I work as a professor emeritus at the Centre for Gender Research (STK), at the University of Oslo, Norway. I also work as an independent researcher, advisor and consultant – see http://ogholter.no/firm-page/

I hope you find something interesting, visiting my site.

My most recent published research paper (2023) is as co-author of an editorial in the journal Gender, work and organization, on the topic of caring masculinities.


PS Here is a homepage remnant (see top menu Projects / Drawings).

(“A curious researcher?” my oil painting 1983).