Historical material

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Øystein Gullvåg Holter 

Historical material 

Preliminary contents 

Early history 

Greek early antiquity studies overview 

Artemis as mistress of animals. Miletos (fotos by the author,  1986).artemis mistr animals miletos  6thc ogh  

Why would a work researcher study Artemis? 

The religions/cults of Artemis and similar goddesses have some of the world’s first records of advanced work organizations. 

Large household power can be analyzed in terms of focal dependency, a specific social formation that combines gift and redistribution logic (cf. 1997e).  

artemis w wings lions miletos 6thc ogh86 Artemis with wings, flanked by lions. Miletos. 

mykene 1986 ogh

Lions at the gate of Mykene, the central fortress of Agamemnon. 

Although the origins of gender discrimination or patriarchy may never be found, it is possible to study women’s loss of status and the buildup of discrimination structures in early history contexts like Greece 1500-500 BC. 

A foto of a central construction in Miletos. miletos sun goddess ogh 1986  

The figure seems to be a woman, crowned by the sun, possibly Artemis.   miletos sun goddess detail  

Working with Greek evidence, I produced a notebook on marriage  and family in Greek oral history called “The gifts of  Poseidon”, a notebook on women called “Artemis”. Working with Middle East and other old world evidence, a notebook on Sumer and the earliest history, and a notebook on empires from 2400 bc onwards. These have not been published in an edited form. 

historical studies ca 1986