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Ever since I visited the record store in Glasmagasinet in Oslo, 1962 or 63, with my mother, and got her to buy The Shadows: Apache single, I was hooked on music. When a new Beatles LP arrived, a few years later, I remember how all we kids would run downtown to get it, or at least listen, for we had little money.

I learned to play a block flute in the late 1960s and then a C flute.  I was part of some bands in the 1970s and 80s, especially Samvirkelaget (with Jan Øyvind Helgesen and Bjørn Moe). I also learned some guitar, and wrote songs.

I still play now and then, occasionally trying to write new songs. Some times each week I enjoy playing to music from my stereo, especially using my flute.





I use an Ovation acoustic guitar, and a Telecaster.