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Øystein Gullvåg Holter  

May 2008 

Here is a full publication list that includes acknowledged research publishers, and others. The list is ordered chronologically within each language (Norwegian / English / Other) and type of publication (Book / Paper).  Items have year and letter names. My fifth publication in 1997 is “1997e”. Often, items are presented with English translations of titles, and original titles in parentheses. 

For locating items you can use the search page facility of your browser, searching for a year like “2006”, a word in the title like “care” or the exact code like “2006b”. 

Publications with more than one author are listed in authors and year format (like: Holter & Lammi 2006). 

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Publications in English 

Books in English 

1986e: Nordic Intimate Couples With Children – a Litterature Study of Nordic Marital Research. Co-author. (Samliv i Norden-prosjektet). Copenhagen 1986  


1995a: Labour of Love – Beyond the Self-evidence of Everyday Life. Co-editor with Tordis Borchgrevink, and contributor. Ashgate/Avebury 

gender patriarchy and capitalism small

1997e: Gender, Patriarchy and Capitalism: A Social Forms Analysis. (Kjønn, patriarkat og kapitalisme: en sosial formanalyse). Dr. philos dissertation, The University of Oslo. Published by the Work Research Institute, Oslo (excerpt

can men do it small

2003b: Can Men Do It? Men and gender equality – the Nordic experience.. TemaNord 2003:510, Copenhagen 

Ferguson, H et al 2004: Ferguson, Harry; Hearn, Jeff; Holter, Øystein Gullvåg; Jalmert, Lars; Kimmel, Michael, Lang, James; Morrell, Robert: Ending gender-based violence: A call for global action to involve men. SIDA Swedish International Development Agency, Stockholm 

2005a: Work Changes Gender – Men and Equality in the Transition of Labour Forms (co-author). Edited by Puchert, Ralf; Gärtner, Marc & Höyng, Stephan. Barbara Budrich Publishers, Leverkusen 

Holter, Øystein Gullvåg; Svare, Helge & Egeland, Cathrine (2009): Gender Equality and Quality of Life – A Nordic Perspective. NIKK / University of Oslo.  See text / se tekst 

Papers in English 


1984f: “Gender As Forms Of Value”. In H.Holter, ed., Patriarchy In A Welfare Society, Universitetsforlaget, Oslo l984 

1983h: “Gender Equality In The Oil Industry”. Outline of a research project. WRI working paper, l983 

1986f: “Psychosocial Aspects of the Frigg Work Environment – Some Current Issues and Proposals for Research”. Co-author. WRI AI-dok 21 1986 

1987b: “Catering for the Oil: Catering and the Reproduction of the North Sea Communities. Economic and Industrial Democracy, vol 8, 1987, 81-110  

1987c: “Work/Family Interaction and Changes in Norwegian Families”. Paper presented at the Einar Thorsrud Memorial. Published in the book Nordic Intimate Couples – Love, Children and Work, Jamfo/Nordisk Ministerråd, Stockholm 1987 


1992c: Norwegian Families. In: Anne Cohen Kihl, ed.: Continuity and Change. Aspects of Contemporary Norway. Universitetsforlaget, Oslo 1993 

1992d: Patriarchy and ‘The Socially Organized Love Process’. Review of Anna G. Jonsadottir’s book Love Power and Political Interest. Acta Sociologica 35,1,71-74, 1992 

1992g: The Norwegian Network for Studies of Men. Introduction presented at the Fourth Annual International Interdisciplinary Men’s Studies Conference, Chicago, July 9th. 1992 

1994i: Focusing on men and social equality. The IASOM Newsletter vol 2, 1, Spring 1994 

1994j: Gender As Class and the Structure of Modern Patriarchy. Paper presented at the ‘Backlash or New Horizons’ conference, Universität Bielefeld, Germany, July 1994. 

1994k: Where Are Men’s Families? Paper presented at the Men’s Families conference Copenhagen, October 1994 

1995b: Family Theory Reconsidered. In Holter and Borchgrevinck, eds., Labour of Love, Avebury 

1996d: Review of R. W. Connell’s ‘Masculinities’. Acta Sociologica 39, 3, 337-41 

1996g: Authoritarianism and masculinity. The IASOM Newsletter 3, 1, 18-32  

Journal of org change omslag

1997a: Work, Gender and the Future. Journal of Organizational Change Management 10, 2, 167-74 

1997c: John Torrance’s ‘Karl Marx’s Theory of Ideas’. Acta Sociologica 40, 302-3 

1997d: On the history of fatherhood and the child as a woman’s project (Om farsskapets historie og barnet som kvinneprosjekt). Innledning på seminariet Maktløsa pappor & hoppløsa feder, Stockholm 27.9.97 

1997f: The Nordic Gender Equality and Welfare Model: a Brief Overview and Critical Appraisal. Presented at the International Political Science Association (IPSA) world congress in Seoul, Gender equality and equity panel (August 1997; read by Birgitte Young). 

1997h: Between Women and Capital: The Glass Ceiling in Context. Dr. philos (PhD) exam lecture, presented at the University of Oslo, Sept. 12 (unpublished)  

1998e: On men’s freedom of positive choice. The IASOM Newsletter 5,1,38-43  

unesco masculinities small

2000a: Masculinities in Context: On Peace Issues and Patriarchal Order. In: Breines, Ingeborg; Connell, Robert;Eide, Ingrid, eds.: Male Roles and Masculinities: A Culture of Peace Perspective. Published by UNESCO (Culture of Peace), Paris 

2000f: Developing Gender Analysis. Paper presented at RUC Summer School, Roskilde 

2001d: Critical Studies of Men in Ten European Countries (1) (co-author with Hearn, Jeff et. Al.). Men and masculinities 4, 4, 380-408 

journal of genocide omslag

2002a: “A Theory of Gendercide”. Journal of Genocide Research 4, 1, 11-38 excerpt 

2002c Review of J. Bourke: An Intimate History of Killing. Men & Masculinities 5, 2, 224-226 


2002d Nordic Studies on Men: Paths for the Future. In: Developing Studies of Men in the Nordic Context (from paper presented at “Men’s cultures and networks – a multidisciplinary studies on men seminar”, Helsinki Oct 4, 2002). Published by The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Helsinki 2003 

2002g: Critical Studies of Men in Ten European Countries (2) (co-author with Hearn, Jeff et. Al.). Men and masculinities 5, 1, 5-31 

2002h: Critical Studies of Men in Ten European Countries (3) (co-author with Hearn, Jeff et. Al.). Men and masculinities 5, 2, 192-217 

moulding men omslag

2003 a: “A Theory of Gender, Patriarchy and Capitalism”. In: Ervøe, Søren; Johansson, Thomas, eds: Among Men – Moulding Masculinities Vol. 1, Ashgate, Aldershot 

handbook men omslag

2004a: “Social Theories for Researching Men and Masculinities: Direct Gender Hierarchy and Structural Inequality”. In Connell, R; Hearn, J; Kimmel, M eds. Handbook of men and masculinities, Sage, Thousand Oaks (2004) 

2004e: A Theory of Gendercide (revised version of 2002a). In Jones, Adam, ed.: Gendercide and genocide. Vanderbilt University Press, Norman (excerpt

Hoyng, Stephan; Puchert, Ralf; Holter, Øystein Gullvåg 2005: Labour Market Changes and Gender. In: Ralf Puchert, Marc Gartner & Stephan Hoyng eds: Work Changes Gender (p. 21-72), Barbara Budrich Publishers, Leverkusen 

Holter, Øystein Gullvåg; Riesenfeld, Vera; Scambor, Elli 2005: “We don’t have anything like that here!”: Organizations, Men and Gender Equality. In: Ralf Puchert, Marc Gartner & Stephan Hoyng eds: Work Changes Gender (p. 73-104), Barbara Budrich Publishers, Leverkusen 

Halrynjo, Sigtona; Holter, Øystein Gullvåg 2005: Male Job and Life Patterns: A Correspondence Analysis. In: Ralf Puchert, Marc Gartner & Stephan Hoyng eds: Work Changes Gender (p. 105-115), Barbara Budrich Publishers, Leverkusen 

2005k: Preventing violence in the family: Nordic perspectives on the role of men. Keynote introduction, Conference on violence within the family, European Council, Strasbourg 6.12.2005 

2006a: Men’s work and family reconciliation in Europe. Paper submitted to Men and Masculinities. 

2006b: Masculinities and power in new historical research. Book review essay submitted to Men and Masculinities. 

menfather 2006d: Can men do it? On Men, Caring and Gender Equality  in an East/West European Perspective. In: Men and Fatherhood: New Forms of Masculinity in Europe, ed. by Arturas Tereskinas and Jolanta Reingardiene (Vilnius: Eugrimas, 2005), p. 114-145 

Sogn, Lorentzen & Holter 2006: Sogn, Hanne; Lorentzen, Jørgen; Holter, Øystein Gullvåg: Research on violence in Norway. Prepared for CAHRV (EU FW6) . Internett publication (published by Kilden, Forskningsrådet),  see link 

2008b: Gender and action research. In Berg, Anne Marie; Eikeland, Olav (eds): Action Research and Organization Theory. Peter Lang, Bern 

2008c: Men and masculinities in conflict and war, PRIO lecture 24 oct 08. 

2009e: Men, gender and health 2009 – the Norwegian view. Journal of Men’s Health guest editorial 

Publications in Norwegian 

Books in Norwegian  

1980a: The Gender Market (Kjønnsmarkedet). Thesis (magistergradsoppgave) in sociology. Published by the Institute of Sociology, University of Oslo, 1980 

Sjekking omslag

1981a: Mate selection, love and the gender market (Sjekking, kjærlighet og kjønnsmarked). Revised edition of the sociology thesis 1980a. Pax, Oslo, 1981 

1981b: Diagnosis: Journalist (Diagnose: Journalist). Co-author. Institute of Journalism, Oslo 1981 

1981c: The Health Survey of Journalists (Helseundersøkelsen blant journalister l979). Co-author. Published by The Work Research Institute (WRI), Oslo 1981 

1986a: North Sea Commuting (Nordsjøliv og hjemmeliv) vol. 1 and 2. Co-author. WRI report 35/36 1986 

ØGH Menn 1989 omslag small

1989a: Men (Menn). Aschehoug, Oslo 1989. Based on Men in Norway 1988 survey  See variable list 

arfa 1990c: Work and Family – a study of the Technological Culture. (Arbeid og familie – en studie av teknologkulturen). Universitetsforlaget Oslo 1990 

menns livssammenheng small

1993a: Men’s Life Patterns  (Menns livssammenheng). Co-author with Helene Aarseth. Ad Notam Gyldendal  Oslo 1993 

Holter, Karlsen og Salomon 1998: Work Life Restructuring (Omstillinger i arbeidslivet). (By Holter, Øystein Gullvåg; Karlsen, Beate; Salomon, Robert, and others). Skriftserie 98/3, WRI, Oslo 

1999c: Forskning i utvikling; en studie av fleksible arbeidsformer og personlig arbeid (Developing research: a study of flexible work forms and personal work). AFI rapportserie 3/99 

kan menn omslag

Forsèn, Ragnar; Gislason, Ingòlfur; Holter, Øystein Gullvåg (hovedforfatter); Rongevær, Øyvind 2000: Kan menn?  Menn og likestilling i arbeidslivet – et idedokument. Nord  2000:24 

Holter, Øystein Gullvåg; Svare, Helge & Egeland, Cathrine: Likestilling og livskvalitet 2007. Afi / Wri internet publication, 306 pages (January 2008):  See text 

Papers in Norwegian  

1973: ”Political culture: The importance of music” (Den politiske kulturen: Musikk er viktig). Kontrast 7, 44-52 

1974: ”Music as Commodity” (Musikk som vare). Co-author with Marcussen, Tor, and others. Samspill, Oslo 

1981d: “Gender And Health In The Newspapers” (Kjønn og helse i avisene), Materialisten 4, l981 

1982a: “The Valueable Patriarchy” (Det verdifulle patriarkatet) in R.Haukaa &c., eds.; Women’s Research: A Contribution To Social Theory (Kvinneforskning: et bidrag til samfunnsteori), The University Press, Oslo l982 

Materialisten seksualitet omslag

1982b: “Sexuality And History” (Seksualitet og historie), Materialisten 3, l982 (Special issue on sexuality) Text (pdf) 

1982c: ”Marxism And ’Private’ Life” (Marxismen og det ’private’ livet). Coauthor. Materialisten 3, 1982 

1982d: “The Oil Worker, The Family And Society” (Oljearbeideren, familien og samfunnet). A Conference Report. Published by The Norwegian Oil Directorate, l982 

1982e: ”Oil And Divorce” (Olje og skilsmisse). Published by The Work Research Institute (WRI), 1982 

1983a: “Outline Of A Research Program On Family And Work” (Notat til prgram om familie og arbeid). Co-author. In Theory In Action (Teori i praksis – festskrift til Einar Thorsrud), Tanum, Oslo 1983 


1983b: “Family Myths In The Oil Industry” (Familiemyter i oljebransjen). Paper presented at the 12th. Scandinavian Sociology Congress. Published by WRI, 1983 

1983c: “Oppression Of Women And Domestic Labour” (Kvinneundertrykking og hjemmearbeid). Materialisten 1, 1983 

1983d: “Culture and cultural revolution” (Kultur og kulturrevolusjon). Materialisten 2, 1983 

barskhet og haploshet

1983e: “Toughness And Hopelessness – Or Realistic Training? A Case-study of North Sea Safety Training” (Tøffhet og håpløshet – eller realistisk trening? en case-study av sikkerhetsopplæring i Nordsjøen.) WRI report, 1983 

1983f: “Catering And Social Environment On The Oil Installations” (Forpleining og sosialt miljø på oljeplatformer). Published by WRI, l983 

1983g: “Information Technology and the Family” (EDB og familie). Working paper, WRI 1983. 

1984a: ”The School and the Gender Market” (Kjønnsmarkedet og skolen). In: Rapport fra en konsulentkonferanse om likestilling og etterutdanning. KUD Oslo 1984 

1984c: ”Kitchen-table Society” (Kjøkkenbordsamfunnet). A review of Gullestad’s book of the same name, Nytt om kvinneforskning 2, 1984 

1984d: ”Socialist Patriarchy: Women and Men in the Soviet Economy” (Sosialismens herredømme: kvinner og menn i Sovjetøkonomien). Materialisten 4, 1984, 41-62. See text 

1984e: ”Gender in Chinese” (Kjønn på kinesisk). Book reviews. Materialisten 4, 1984, 68-70. 

 1986b: “The Road to 1968” (Veien til 1968). Kontrast 4, 1986, 9-16 

1986c: ”Outline of a Theory of Gender and Patriarchy” (Skisse av en teori om kjønn og patriarkat). WRI working paper, presented at Arbetslivscentrum, Stockholm 1986 

1986d: ”A work environment report from a newspaper editorial staff” (Arbeidsmiljørapport fra en avisredaksjon). Restricted circulation. WRI work report 1986 

1987a: “Myths and Oil Marriages” (Oljeekteskap og myter). Panorama nr. 3-4 1987 (published by Helikopter-Service a/s) 

1989b: “Female model power – male silence?” (Kvinners modellmakt – menns taushet?). Paper held at the ‘Power and participation’ (Makt og medvirkning) conference in Oslo 30.11.88. Published in the conference report Makt og medvirkning, NAVF’s sekretariat for kvinneforskning, Oslo 1989. 

1989c: ”Psychoanalysis and feminism” (Psykoanalyse og feminisme). Review of David Macey’s Lacan in contexts. Klassekampen 13.3.89 

1989d: ”Men’s life contexts” (Mannlig livssammenheng). Project outline. In: Forskning for likestilling – høstkonferanse Lysebu nov. 1988. NORAS, Oslo 1989 

1989e: “Men in Feminism”. Book review. Nytt om kvinneforskning 1, 52-55, 1989 

mannifest mannifest2

1989f: “Men in Norway 1988” (Menn i Norge 1988). [Summary of the survey]. In: Mannifest,  The Male Role Committee,  The Ministry of Consumers and Administration, (Mannsrolleutvalget, Forbruker- og Adminstrasjonsdepartementet) Oslo 1989 p. 141-151. 

1989g: ”Men’s perspective on gender equality” (Mennenes side av likestillingen). Published in: Rapport fra arbeidskonferanse 1989, Likestillingssekretariatet, KUD, Oslo 1989 

1989h: “Gender equality 1989” (Likestilling 1989) – report for FAD. SIFO Work Report no. 6, Lysaker 1989 (utdrag / excerpt

1989j: “Baudrillard’s America”. Review. Kritikkjournalen 1989 

1990a: ”Love in change: Changes in Mate Selection 1973-1985” (Kjærlighet i forandring: endring i makevalg 1973-1985). Tidsskrift for samfunssforskning 31, 125-146, 1990. 

1990b: “Men’s demands in the gender equality debate” (Menns krav i likestillingsdebatten). (Co-editor). A conference report in cooperation with the gender equality committee in Lørenskog kommune. Published by BFD/Mannsrolleutvalget Oslo 1990 

1990d: ”Science and myths of men and women” (Forskning og myter om menn og kvinner). Co-author with Tordis Borchgrewinck. In: “Men’s demands in the gender equality debate” (1990), see 1990 B 

1990e: “The sex trade in a societal perspective” (Kjønnshandel i samfunnsperspektiv). Co-author with Marianne Sætre. Paper held at the 5th. Nordic Conference on Prostitution, Bergen 1989. Published in: Referat fra konferansen, Bergen kommunes Oppsøkende avdeling, 1990 

1990f: ”Men in the division of work” (Mennene i arbeidsdelingen). In R. Haukaa, ed.: Feminine, masculine, knowledge and visions (Kvinnelig, mannlig, viten og visjoner). Friundervisningens forlag Oslo 1990 

1990g: “Masculinity and understanding (Mannlighet og forståelse). A conference report edited by Runa Haukaa and myself, including a paper by Bjarne Øverli and myself. NORAS, Oslo 

Haukaa & Holter 1990: Haukaa, Runa og Øystein Gullvåg Holter: Vitenskap som mannlighet. I Runa Haukaa og Øystein Gullvåg Holter, red.: Mannlighet og forståelse . Rapport fra en konferanse om menn og forskning. NORAS/NAVF, Oslo, p. 8-19 

1990h: “The division of work between men and women in worklife and the family” (Arbeidsdelingen mellom menn og kvinner i arbeid og familie). A study booklet for the project “Breaking the barriers” (Bryt grensene). Friundervisningen Oslo 1990 

1990i: “The technologist in the family album” (“Teknolog i familiealbum”). Paper to the anthology summing up the Intimate Couples in the Nordic Countries (Samliv i Norden) project, Love and Equality (Kærlighed og ligestilling) ed. by Else Christensen, Copenhagen 1990 

1990j: “Between innocence and dominance: some basic problems in male studies” (Mellom uskyld og dominans: noen grunnlagsproblemer i mannsforskning). NORAS conference paper 1990 


1990k: “And in the beginning…”. In: Beatrice Halsaa & Else Viestad, red.:  I pose og sekk,   Emilia Press, Oslo, s. 173-208. [anthology on feminist perspectives in the Alternative Future research program] 

1990j: “Between innocence and dominance: some basic problems in male studies” (Mellom uskyld og dominans: noen grunnlagsproblemer i mannsforskning). NORAS conference paper 1990 

1990g: Masculinity and understanding (Mannlighet og forståelse). A conference report edited by R. Haukaa and myself, including a paper by Bjarne Øverli and myself. NORAS, Oslo 1990 

1991b: ”Men’s life patterns” (Menns livssammenheng). In: Runa Haukaa, ed.: Nye kvinner – nye menn, Oslo 1991. 

1991c: “Men’s research – a new research paradigm, or a new hyphen in sociology?” (Mannsforskning – ny forståelsesform eller ny bindestrek i sosiologien?) Presented at The Norwegian Sociologists’ Association, April 1991. Mannsforskning 4, 1991 

1991d: ”The new mens’ terms” (De nye mennenes premisser). Paper presented at the “New women – new men?” conference arranged by NORAS in Oslo, June 1991 


1991e: “The men and the unspeakable: daily life reality and patriarchal structure” (Mennene og det usigelige – dagliglivsrealitet og patriarkalsk struktur). Lecture at the “Gender changes” conference arranged by the Nordic Network for Gender Socialization Research, Vallekilde Sept. 1991. Published in A. M. Nielsen et. al. eds.: Gender in Change, Hyldespjæt, Copenhagen 1993 

det farlige kjønnet

1991g: The dangerous sex (Det farlige kjønnet). Theoretical document for the male studies program proposal (see 1991 H). Co-author with Knut Oftung and Jørgen Lorentzen. The Norwegian Network for Studies of Men. WRI Working notes 3/91,  Oslo 1991 

1991h: “A Men’s Studies research program proposal”. Submitted to the Norwegian Social Sciences Research Council (Forslag til et program for mannsforskning. Til NAVF).  Co-author with Knut Oftung and Jørgen Lorentzen. The Norwegian Network for Studies of Men. Oslo 1991 

1991k: ”’Capital’ as sexual politics” (Kapitalen som kjønnspolitisk tekst). 1990. Nytt om kvinneforskning 3/1991 

1991l: Gender and Class in a Social Forms Analysis Perspective (Kjønn og klasse i et formanalytisk perspektiv). Sosiologi i dag 4, 1991 

1992e: On Harriet Holter’s ‘Sex Roles and Social Change’ (Om  Harriet Holters ‘Sex Roles and Social Change’). In Nytt om kvinneforskning, 2/1992 

1992f: Robert Bly and the Men’s Tragedy (Robert Bly og mennenes tragedie). Review of Bly’s Iron-John (Mannen). Klassekampen May 1992 

1992h: On Socialist Economic Strategy (Om sosialistisk næringsstrategi). Presented at the Sosialistisk Venstrepartis kjernegruppe for ideologiarbeid (Socialist Left Party basis group for ideological work) 08.28.1992 

1992l: Work and Unemployment in the 90ies (Arbeid og arbeidsløshet på 90-tallet). Paper presented at Rotary 09.15.1992 

1992j: Apache-daddy Rides Again (Apachepappa rir igjen). Review of E. Blikstad: Heimevernet – fedre og barn på nye eventyr. Fokus på familien 3, 1992, 185-7 

om arbeidsloshet omslag

1992k: On unemployment and industrial development (Om arbeidsløshet og næringsstrategi). WRI working paper 3, Oslo 1992 

1993b: On unemployment. (Om arbeidsløshet). Paper presented at Porsgrunn Trade Union (Samorganisasjon) meeting Sept. 29, 1993 

1993d: The Reaction Against Men’s Studies (Motstanden mot mannsforskning). In: Kvinneforskning, mannsforskning, kjønnforskning (Women’s Studies, Men’s Studies, Gender Studies), conference report, NAVF/SKF Skriftserie for forskningspolitikk 1/1993 

1994a: Gender and Social Forms Analysis (Kjønn og sosial formanalyse). Paper held at the summary conference for the NFR Basic Women’s Studies programme, Voksenåsen, January 1994 

1994b: Equal status 1994 – main impressions from the survey (Likeverd 1994 – Hovedinntrykk). Presented at the Women Know How fair conference at Sjølyst, 5/5/94 

1994c:  Equal Status 1994? – Impressions from a new survey (Likeverd 1994? Inntrykk fra en ny studie). Sosiologisk Tidsskrift 4, 2, 303-16 

1994d:  Review of Wally Seccombe: A Millenium of Family Change. In the paper Morgenbladet,     May 1994 

1994e:  Review of Thomas Laqueur: Making Sex – Body and Gender From the Greeks to Freud. In Morgenbladet, 20-23rd of May 1994 

1994f: When feminism turns sexist (Når feminismen blir sexistisk). In Oftung, Knut, ed.: Menns bilder og bilder av menn (Men’s images and images of men), Oslo 1994. 

1995b: Om kjønnskritisk forskning. I: Kjønn og samfunn i endring, Norges Forskningsråd, Program for grunnleggende samfunnsvitenskapelig kvinneforskning, Oslo 

 1995c: Menn og mannsforskning. I: Liselotte Jakobsen och Arne Nilsson, red: Forskning om manligheter.  Jämställdhetscentrum, Høgskolan i Karlstad rapport 96:8. 

1996b: Menn i media. Paper pres. at the Kjønn i media conference, Oslo Sept. 1996 

1996c: Om mannsforskning. Paper pres. at the Nordic Workshop for studies of men, Hemsedal Sept. 1996 

1996e: Om maskulinitetenes samfunnsmessige grunnlag. Innledning på den nordiske kvinne- og kjønnsforsknings- konferansen Frø og frukter (23.11.96), workshop om mannsforskningens teoretiske grunnlag,. 

1996f: En kommentar til debatten om mannsforskning på ”Frø og frukter”. Arbeidnotat etter den nordiske kvinne- og kjønnsforsknings- konferansen Frø og frukter, Oslo (21-23.11.96), upublisert manus. 

1997b: Omstilling i Telenor. Arbeidsnotat til YS/AFI-prosjekt om omstilling. (Restructuring project paper). 

1998a: Equality pays? The impact of gender integration on value creation. Working paper (not published) 

1998c: En mer ’barnevennlig’ mannlighet? I: Askland, Leif; Sataøen, Svein Ole, red.: Hva skal vi med menn? Om betydningen av menn i pedagogisk arbeid med barn. Pedagogisk Forum, Oslo 

1998d: Work Life Restructuring (Omstillinger i arbeidslivet). Co-author with Robert Salomon and Beate Karlsen. WRI, Skriftserie 98/3, Oslo 

1999a: Men’s Studies in Norway – a Research Overview (Mannsforskning i Norge – en forskningsoversikt). Norges Forskningsråd, Oslo 

2000b: Mannlighet som sosialt forhold. Forelesning ved Sosiologisk Institut, Kbh. Univ., ved Kønsforskningsfestivalen Køn gør en forskjel,:27.1.00 

lei av kjønn omslag

2001a Nærkontakt med kjønn. Endsjø, Dag Øistein; Svare, Helge, red.: Lei av kjønn? Nær-kjønn-opplevelser og andre beretninger fra virkeligheten. Cappelen Akademisk Forlag, Oslo, s. 102-112 

2002f Vold i mannsforskningens lys (Violence in a studies of men perspective). In  Råkil, Marius red. Menns vold mot kvinner – behandlingserfaringer og kunnskapsstatus (Men’s violence against women – treatment experiences and knowledge status). Aschehoug, Oslo 

kjonnskulturer i arbliv omslag2

Holter & Sørensen 2003: Holter, Øystein; Sørensen, Bjørg Aase med Sigtona Halrynjo: Kjønnskulturer i arbeidslivet. Et forprosjekt for LO. AFI Rapport 5/2003 

2004b: Arbeidstid – mannsrollens urørlige side? Arbeidstid, kjønn og likestilling i Norge og Europa. Foredrag konferanse Kvinner på tvers, Ingeniørenes hus, Oslo 19.9.04 

2004c: Hvem er disse menn og kvinner – en innledning om målgrupper. Innledning arbeidsseminar “Hvordan kan et kjønns- og livsfaseperspektiv forbedre lokalt og regionalt utviklingsarbeid?” Kommunaldepartementet og Landbruksdepartementet, Oslo 19.10.04 

2004f: Mannsroller og mannsforskning. Innledning på seminaret Mannspolitikk anno 2005 – hva nå?, Likestillingssenteret, Oslo 4.12.04 

2005d: Mænds arbejdsliv og  forsørgerrollen. Foredrag på konferansen Mænd familie og arbejde, arrangert av Nordisk Ministerråd 19.5.05, Base Camp Holmen, København. Se tekst 

2005f: Tre forslag til norske initiativ til oppfølging  (Three suggested Norwegian initiatives for following up). Rapport fra milepælskonferanse “Oppfølging av FNs spesialsesjon Beijing+5”, 26 januar 2005, Tema: Det nye arbeidsmarkedet og fordelingen av omsorgsarbeid og betalt arbeid mellom kvinner og menn (The new labour market and the distritution of care work and paid work between women and men). Barne- og familiedepartementet, Oslo. 

2005h: Gutta på laget? Likestilling og innovasjon i to nye studier av menn. Innledning seminaret Vilje til likhet, Institutt for samfunnsforskning 12.10.05 

Holter & Lammi 2006: Holter, Øystein Gullvåg, Lammi, Johanna: Menns innovative ‘kjøkkenrolle’. Om endringer blant menn i Norden og prosjektet Velferd, maskulinitet og sosial innovasjon. NIKK magasin 1, 2006, s. 28-29 

2006e: De nye fedrene og kjønnskontraktens forvandling. Tidsskrift for norsk psykologforening 43, 681-682 

2006f: Ny farsrolle skaper endringer i arbeidslivet. Intervjuet av Unn Christensen for Norges forskningsråd, Velferdsforskningsprogrammet (VFO). Se tekst 

2006g: Forelesning om menn og mannsforskning (UiO/KFL1010) 

2006i: Patriarkatets fall? Bokanmeldelse (av G Therborn: Between sex and power), Norma 1, 1, 100-102 

2007d: Sosial innovasjon, velferd og ny maskulinitet. I: Holter, Øystein Gullvåg (red).  Män i rörelse. Jämställdhet, förändring och social innovation i Norden. Gidlunds forlag, Hedemora 

2007f: Kjønn, mestring og deltakelse i morgendagens arbeidsliv. Foredrag på Personalkonferansen i offentlig sektor, Lillehammer 31.1.07 

2007l: Krever likelønn likekjønn?. Internet-innlegg. 

2008a: Nytt kjønnsforskningsprogram i Norges Forskningsråd. Bulletine 1, 2008, s 16-17 

2009a: Om integrering av kjønns- og likestillingsperspektiver. Innledning på seminaret Kjønnsperspektiver i Forskningsrådets programportefølje, NFR 12.1.09 

2009b: Bakgrunn for likestilling. Innlegg på Kontaktkonferansen 2009 (BLD, UD, Reform, Fokus), Oslo 27.1.09 

2009c. Power and patriarchy theories in studies of men and masculinities. Paper presentert på konferansen Foranderlige Mænd og Maskuliniteter i Ligestillede Samfund (Workshop B), RUC 30.1 

2009d: Nye bøker. Publisert på 5. mars 2009 (2 s). 

2009g: Menn må ta ansvar  – intervju i Dagbladet 28.5.09 

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Publications in other languages 

Books in other languages 

1983i: Raggning, kärlek och kønnsmarknad (revised version of The Gender Market), Hammarstrøm & Åberg, Stockholm l983. 

Frame22.JPG Holter & Aarseth 1994: Mäns Livssammanhang (Men’s life connections). Bonnier utbildning, Stockholm (Swedish edition of the Norwegian 1993 book Men’s Life Patterns). 

2005e: Ar Vyrai  Sugebes? Vyrai ir lyciu lugybe: Šiaures šaliu patirtis (Can men do it    [2003b], Lithuanian edition, Apostrofa Publishers, Vilnius) 

manirorelse 2007e. Holter, Øystein Gullvåg (red). Män i rörelse. Jämställdhet, förändring och social innovation i Norden (Men moving – gender equality, change and social inovation in the Nordic region) Hedemora, Sverige 

Papers in other languages 

1981e: (Pengene och hemmet (Money and the Home), Kvinnovetenskapelig Tidsskrift 1, 1981 (Sweden).  

1997d: Om farsskapets historie og barnet som kvinneprosjekt. (On the history of fathering and children as a women’s project). Innledning på seminariet Maktløsa pappor & hoppløsa feder (Unempowered daddies and hopeless fathers), Stockholm 27.9 (Sw)  


1998b: Forskning om menn 1970-97 – bidrag til en oversikt (Research on men 1990-97 – contributions to an overview). I Westerberg, Bengt (ed): Han, Hon, Den, Det. Om genus och køn (He, She, It. On gender and sex), s. 213-52.Ekerlids, Stockholm (Sw) 

1999b: Mannlighet og historie – om mannsforskning som ny dimensjon i historisk forskning (Masculinity and history – on men’s studies as a new dimension in historical research). Kvinder, køn & forskning 8, 3, 7-30 (Danish)  

2001b: Om ‘Finnkampen, En studie av finska mans liv och sociala karriar i Sverige’ (On the Finn Struggle, a study of Finnish men’s lives and social careers in Sweden [phd thesis and book b y Jari Kuosmanen]). Socialvetenskaplig tidsskrift 3, 248-255  

2002e: Forskare fokuserar på man som bryter kønsrollerna (Researchers focus on men breaking out of gender roles (interview]). Øystein Gullvåg Holter intervjuet av Gunnhild Wallin. Arbeidsliv i Norden 16, 3, 6-7 

Madsen, Svend Aage; Kaster, Michael; Holter, Øystein Gullvåg; Nielsen, Mette Lykke; Schei, Berit 2005: Kønnets betydning i det professionelle arbeidet med ofre for voldtægt (Gender in professional work with rape victims). Psykologisk og Psykosocial Forskningsenhed, Rigshospitalet, København 

2007c: Introduktion. I: Holter, Øystein Gullvåg (red).  Män i rörelse. Jämställdhet, förändring och social innovation i Norden. Gidlunds forlag, Hedemora 

Gíslason & Holter 2007: Ingólfur V. Gíslason & Øystein Gullvåg Holter: Välfärdsstat i könsklämma: kön, ekonomi och livskvalitet. I: Holter, Øystein Gullvåg (red).  Män i rörelse. Jämställdhet, förändring och social innovation i Norden. Gidlunds forlag, Hedemora 

Historical studies 

miletos ogh 1986 (2)
(Miletos, 1986) 

As a Norwegian Social Research Council (NAVF) stipendiate in three years in the period 1984-89 I undertook a study of early historical family and gender systems, economy and work organization, titled Pair Relationship Changes (Samlivsendring). The project, originally conceived as a purely sociological study, developed into a huge historical-sociological project, later developed on part-time basis. Four large note books / unpublished draft working papers exist, containing notes, comments and empirical discussions. The project included extended library research and a three months archeological study travel in Greece and Anatolia, 1986). 

 1984g: “The Gifts of Poseidon” (Poseidons gaver) (245 p., 1984). Contains an analysis of ca. 300 legend / oral history marriages, highlighting mixed (non-patrilocal) and matrilocal patterns; discusses legendary vs. archeological material and men’s role as ‘mobile’ in society.  

 1985a: “Artemis” (In English, 336 p. 1985). This is a survey of traditions and context of the most popular female Greek deity, with notes on the historical change of the goddess image and evidence of early connections to Anatolian and Hittite deities, as well as material on the lives and customs of women.  

 1987d: ”Tribute and Empire” (200 p., 1987). This is a preliminary notebook on Middle East developments 2000-1200 BC focusing on the changing economic categories of dependency. Translations of tablet material from Kanesh (Assyrian traders), and sources from Assyria, Ugarith etc. are used. 

 1988a: “Sumer” (315 p., 1988). This is an overview of the Sumerian civilization with discussion of the economical system, the political and election system, occupational categories, family patterns etc. (I also have comments from assyrologist Aage Westenholz, Copenhagen, on this MS). 

The project was presented in two lectures at the Norwegian Institute at Athens: “On focal dependency” (part of the “Gender and Greece” workshop, February 1990), and “Artemis – a sociological perspective on Greek religion”, open lecture, April 1991.  

Historical publications 

My first specifically historical-sociological paper was the 1982b paper on sexuality where I welcomed Foucault’s historically open view of sexuality while critisising him for not taking gender and its impact on sex seriously enough. 

Some findings from the 1980s sociological-historical studies are discussed in these papers: 

1984 B: Sex Before Gender (Da sex ikke var kjønn). Kronikk in Dagbladet, Jan. 10th. 1984 

1987 E: The Male as Gift. On Gender and Kinship Circulation in Early Antiquity. (Mannen som gave).  In: Kvinneforskning og vitenskapsteori, Skriftserie i vitenskapsteori no. 1, Universitetet i Oslo 1987. 

1987 F: The Study of Early Greece: The Saga Material (Studiet av det tidlige Hellas – sagnmaterialet). Klassisk Forum 1987, 2, 17-19 

1990k. Og i begynnelsen…(And in the beginning…) In: Beatrice Halsaa & Else Viestad, eds.:  I pose og sekk,   Emilia Press, Oslo, s. 173-208.  

i skyggen akropolis omslag 1994g: ”When Age Became Gender: On Pederasty and Physical Intimacy in Antiquity” (Når alder blir kjønn – om pederasti og kroppslig intimitet i antikken). In: Øivind Andersen and Thomas Hagg, eds.: I skyggen av Akropolis. Universitet i Bergen, Det Norske Instituttet i Athens serie, 1994 excerpt / utdrag 

1999b: “Masculinity and history – on studies of men as a new dimension in historical research” (Mannlighet og historie – om mannsforskning som ny dimensjon i historisk forskning). Kvinder, køn & forskning 8, 3, 7-30  

My historical work is discussed and applied also in the dr. philos thesis 1997e, the papers 1982b, 1984d, 1986c, 1991f, and others. I would not have been able to write cotemporary historical papers like “A theory of gendercide” without the historical studies. 


Open source material chapter

Open historical chapter

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