All my publications. Norwegian and English books and papers, as well as some publications in other languages.

The publication archive presented here is mainly intended for researchers who want to know if their topic has been researched or discussed by me.

It is a good place to start, to get an overview of what I have been doing as a researcher.  The archive contains a full publication list. Some publications have a download link to excerpts for research purposes. Titles are (mostly) translated to English.




The list is divided by language and type of publication (books and similar / papers and similar).

Publications are listed chronologically within each section. Publications mainly include books and papers, but also published reports and book reviews. The list includes all items where I am author or co-author.

Items have year and letter names. My third publication in 1997 is “Holter, Ø 1997c”. Publications with more than one author are listed in authors and year format (like: Holter & Lammi 2006).

For locating items you can use the search box (right) and the browser search function.

The list contains 190 publications 1973-2012. For publications 2012 and later, see Cristin. (Cristin lists 48 items 2012-17).

I wish it was a fully searchable text archive. So far, only a few steps – navigating by titles mainly.

Example: Where do I find the original definition of the term “gender market”?  A search gives links including the 1981 book on the subject with the original definition. But it does not show that the term was further developed in my Dr. Philos. dissertation 1997 chapters 3 and 4. However, if you go into the first part of the dissertation and do a text search, you will find it. Also, use the detailed content list and do text searches in the dissertation, to find references to a broad range of subjects in my research up to that point.