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Archive – my publications, downloads, more information

This part of the site site is mainly an archive, plus blog posts and some more. It contains the full listing of my publications from the 1970s onwards until ca 2015.

Some publications and excerpts are available for download from this site.

All publications are fully referenced and you can search up the paper (or digital) version through libraries and web search.

For more recent publications 2015-today, check my listing in Cristin: See my work page.

The archive includes

The archive publication listing is by language and time.  Additionally, historical texts are listed.

– Texts in Norwegian (with titles in English) here

– Texts in English here,

– Texts in other languages here

– Historical texts here.

Each list is chronologically ordered.

For navigating, use the top menu (Texts).

There is also some older material – surviving from the original “home page” concept of this site – way back from the 1990s – with hobby projects and side interests (like drawings and programming).
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