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Men against rape

Posted on the 19 April, 2017 at 6:54 pm Written by in Comments

The “Men against rape” initiative

In 2006-7, there were many rape cases in Oslo. Some media called it a ‘rape wave’. I wanted to do something about this. I initiated a network and campaign, “Men against rape”. Many men signed our declaration. We got support from the Reform resource center and the Gender Equality Ombudsman.

The picture is a poster from one of our arrangements, in 2009.


voldtekter i likestillingslandet 1 IMG_20170419_0001

The text says: “Rape in the gender-equal country – conference”.

The conference was held at Litteraturhuset, in Oslo. We also had stands and distributed leaflets in Oslo.

The campaign was clearly directed towards men. We addressed men as “fathers, brothers, partners and friends”.

voldtekter i likestillingslandet 2 IMG_20170419_0001

We held several seminars and made interventions in our local contexts. The campaign also got media attention, e g