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May 15
Comparing Ventura and WordPress

My big trial text Text here

Jan 06
New data

A note on programming (see menu – projects – programming):

This could need an updating – I know. Yet I am more interested in doing work, these days, than investing a lot of time programming how to avoid doing it. Even if my “work researcher urge” is always to look into the work reduction side of on-going tasks. I am not allowed to spend much time with this, in my current job, and doing programming is demanding in my free time. So I usually avoid it.

Yet I do use my free time to update the Bro system where needed. And worthy modules that do make a change like  Mirror (Speil). Very useful for updating my laptop. In all, the system is so useful for me, that being able to transfer it to a new PC and operating system is a major strategical task. Therefore, I took time off from my Christmas holiday to get it working on a new PC upgrading from Windows xp to 7. This mainly worked fine – the troubles were not in my programming but in external changes. I did little or nothing, changing the Bro system code. All the problems were “known suspects” like the code not working due to new security issues. The Bro system runs low-key and has limited cost so I keep it running. The surface has been improved by prioritizing calendar events. Perhaps some further developments could be made, like a mix of calendar events and recent news. I find that one of the main ways I used the interface is to get quickly to “recent news”.

Jan 19
On programming

Programming, by my work research method, is like living in a house being renovated. For doing something simple one must move fifteen things and find three. Or, a car that is being fabricated, with modifications between each turn.

Øystein Gullvåg Holter

Dec 25
Tools ‹ ogholter.no — WordPress

Tools ‹ ogholter.no — WordPress.