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Sounding great

Posted on the 17 January, 2011 at 10:20 pm Written by in Music

Amazing sound

Check out the Nik Bartsch Ronin: Lllyria, recent ECM vinyl album (2 x 180 g LP).  The music is good. But what catches the ear is that the sound is outstanding.

I never had this much dynamics from an ECM LP before.  Something must have happened in the studio. Listening to the album from my kitchen, playing in the living room next to it, I several times thought:  “someone must be there”, “what is this”, “sounds coming up more immediate”. In my setup and home, this means an outstanding sound. I think you would get the effect also. There is a substantial sound quality improvement.

I congratulate ECM,  who have been a forwards force in music and sound quality for many years.  I also congratulate Nik and his group, which I did not know before, for an excellent album. There is some pentatonal work here, and I am reminded of works in the same wholistic direction, like  Zappa, mentioned earlier in this blog, and also Ardley, Neil: Kaleidoscope of rainbows, some Can, some Kratwerk, even some Butterfield Blues Band East/West. Time scales brought to the fore – a pure joy, with this kind of great sound.