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Books: Alan Norrie: Dialectic and difference, 2010

Posted on the 07 March, 2011 at 9:37 pm Written by in Books

This is one of the few books I have recieved in the last year that I have cast into the category  “a difficult read”. This is not a common category in my case, but some books end there.

Another case is Elliot Sober: Evidence and evolution, 2008. In  both cases I wonder, is it necessary to present the arguments in such a convoluted and difficult way. I tend to put them down, after reading some sentences.  Although both authors have important things on their mind.

This may be just my limited reception, I will get back, but it remains my early impression of these works.Norrie, for example, seems unenlightened considering gender studies. On page 132 he restates his general position, discussing how Bhaskar’s philosophy coincides with that of Habermas, figuring “equality, liberty and fraternity” as main agent – with no further reflection concerning the possibly quite slanted ideal of “fraternity”, although he does mention that “feminists” have had something to say here .