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Gender equality and quality of life – data base v5

Posted on the 18 November, 2012 at 1:10 am Written by in Research

Ever since the “Gender equality and quality of life” survey results came in, in 2007, I have worked with improvements of the data base.

Version 5 of the data base has now been constructed and internally tested, eliminating errors. The data base versions 1-4 constructed the main gender equality indexes, as well as easier access to important variables. Version 5 follows this, with new useful variables e g regarding sickness leave, parenting, violence experience, and many other topics.

The data base has 2805 respondents.  The variable set is now larger, total 820 variables. Some of these are temporary variables only, but at least 500 variables is realistic.

This is  quite a bit above the global gender equality “index approach” with – at best – thirty or fifty  variables.

In many ways, the data set is unique.  It was constructed in terms of gender equality, and has helped create a new map of gender equality developments.