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Comment: “The snake is long, seven miles”

Posted on the 27 April, 2011 at 7:15 pm Written by in Comments

For some reason this song part often intrudes when I read recent news on the 2011 Arab revolution – and counter-revolution, e g  in Libya, Syria, Yemen and Bahrain.  It is from the Doors’ first album (1967), the song The End. The snake is long, seven miles… he is old, his skin is cold, Jim Morrison sings, in one of the dream moments of this apocalyptic song. Perhaps it is no wonder that it creeps up on me, as I read about the counter-revolution, the way tyrants now move into fascist means of controlling their populations, firing with heavy armour, using the military, covert action, snipers and torture.

My heart is with the revolution, the proudness and courage displayed by the democracy protesters, who are forced to become militia, and take up weapons, and their families and friends. Whatever the tyrants do, the democracy activists will be remembered as martyrs for a more democratic, free, developing, prosperous, respectful and dignified Arab world.