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Those were the days

Posted on the 30 March, 2017 at 8:30 pm Written by in All blog posts, Music

My loft is a mess. Recently I found some pictures from way back when.

In the 1970ies I was a member of the folk rock band Samvirkelaget. I also played with other groups. Here, I play flute on a student concert, 1979.

Holter Øystein leads rock band 1979 1 IMG_20170330_0009

I was never that good on guitar, but could play my own songs, also.

Holter Øystein leads rock band 1979 2 1 IMG_20170330_0008

In 1981, I published a book on the gender market (Sjekking, kjærlighet og kjønnsmarked), which sold well in Norway, and later in Sweden (1983). A press photo from that time:

Holter Øystein 1981 IMG_20170330_0010

In 1984, I was a participant in the Oslo carnival.

Not sure exactly what we were doing, but I remember that we were hoping to bring back more of the ‘1968 spirit’.

Holter Øystein karnival in Oslo 1984 IMG_20170330_0003


oslo 1984 carnival Øystein IMG_20170330_0006