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Comment: Bombing Cafe Argana – fascists undermining the democratic revolution

Posted on the 01 May, 2011 at 8:45 pm Written by in Comments

The Arab revolution 2011 is about democracy, dignity and development. This new voice of freedom is constantly silenced and twisted. One way to do it, is to bomb communication links.

The Cafe Argana in Marrakech is not a communication link by itself, but a symbol of communication. It was selected for symbolic terrorist attack Friday April 28. I was there ten days earlier, with my sons. I am very much aggrieved and saddened by this attack. My heart is with those who have lost their loved ones.  I am just a Norwegian. I can’t say much for Moroccan culture. But I feel, this is an attack on everything that the new Morocco stands for.

When we were at Cafe Argana, my sons and I enjoyed the view of the great square and used the opportunity to discuss some larger matters, like, what could work, for Morocco, why does it have a fifty percent illiteracy rate, why not more prosperity, being so close to Europe.  It could be said that we were at the Cafe with a bit of love for Morocco in our hearts, like many guests.  In that view. the killers have killed a piece of Morocco, through us, the Argana clientele .

How dare these bomb-throwing cowards and fascists speak for the people of the Arab world? I am only a foreigner, but as a world citizen, I have to speak my mind. I think that the new fascists must be clearly named and opposed. If initiatives like  “the new Morocco” keeps to a democratic agenda, there will be increased progress and increased freedom. The opportunities are there.