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Gender equality survey research – updated information

Posted on the 01 April, 2019 at 2:25 pm Written by in Research


In 2007 I led a survey study called “Gender equality and quality of life” (Likestilling og livskvalitet) in Norway (with Helge Svare and Cathrine Egeland).

It was a “state of the art” type of detail survey of gender in/equality. Nationally in Norway it was used in policy documents like the white paper on men (Mannsmeldingen) and by the gender equality commission (Skjeie-utvalget). Internationally, it spread much more than usual, especially in the (partly Norwegian-funded) IMAGES survey around the world: https://promundoglobal.org/programs/international-men-and-gender-equality-survey-images/#

Based on this rather unusual international take-up for a Norwegian research model, I had hoped that in 2017, ten years after the original survey, Norway would finance a follow-up, but that that did not happen, despite a bit of lobbying from my side (not usual for me, but I thought this was of national importance). It was even brought up in the parliament / Storting, but did not get funding.

The Research Council of Norway helped bring a more limited development into reality.  A Poland-Norway project was financed under EEA Grants, with the same title as the original 2007 Norwegian project.

Now, the main results from the new study have been published in Polish, as well as a first more theoretical outline, in English.

The Poland-Norway version of the study tried to go beyond the IMAGES version, which was somewhat “applied” and focused on men and violence. It aimed towards rom the Norway side) was to and improve the basic “structural/cultural” Norwegian design – a more in-depth approach to gender equality. The task was to develop a model of gender in/equality that  worked well also in Poland. The research teams cooperated in order to make a more wholistic gender equality measuring “instrument” than has formerly been available in Europe. A representative survey was made in Poland 2015, as well as interview studies.

Here is the first book from the project, in English:

The second book (2018), with results, in Polish;


Based on the Poland/Norway research experience and comparations, the two teams also cooperated to make a”blueprint” version for an improved survey – in English – going beyond the Poland/Norway frame, appliccable in further research development, for example, for a survey of Europe as a whole.

The blueprint proposal can be found here:


The idea is to go one step further – for more research;