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Struggling with gender inequalities

Posted on the 20 June, 2011 at 9:45 pm Written by in Books

For some months now, I have had stipend time, to write a book on gender equality theory. That is, not just gender equality in practice, but as a theory matter also. A matter to be researched, studied, identified – far better than today.

Why? I look at gender equality as a subject on its own, beyond gender.  I look at the main traditions in research regarding gender inequality, compared to new material on increasing equality. What works, what not. Wheat and chaff.

I also discuss theory issues like, when is  a gender power model appropriate, when not.  Is gender equality something that happens after a lot of social development and democratization – or rather, a causal factor or predictor variable, acting on its own.

The book will hopefully be published first in Norwegian (2012 or 13) as Likestillingsteori, and then in a revised and translated version ca one year later, as Gender equality theory.