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The father quota and the father-friendly welfare state

Posted on the 30 November, 2013 at 12:54 am Written by in Books



Fedrekoten og den farsvennlige velferdsstaten cover v2

This new anthology (in Norwegian), edited by Berit Brandth and Elin Kvande and published by Universitetsforlaget / University press, Oslo, is the most thorough overview of research on the father quota in Norway so far.

I have written one of the chapters, discussing the idea of the father quota as an “export item” in Europe. This is not due to “socialist” thinking – but mainly the fact that quota type reforms work out, while other types of reforms don’t work out. They don’t give the same clear results. Therefore, the father premium / quota principle is being introduced or discussed in many European countries today –  using different terms, and in different contexts, under right wing as well as left wing governments.