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The Beatles and The Twelve Dreams of Dr Sardonicus

Posted on the 22 April, 2016 at 7:15 pm Written by in Music

Question: What were the best albums following up the message of the Beatles, on Sgt Pepper and other albums?

My answer:

There were many good follow-ups of course, due to the seminal nature of the Beatles effort.

I think the Spirit album “Twelve Dreams of Dr Sardonicus” is one of the best, balancing right at the edge of the 1960s and 70s music styles and social sentiments.

Q: Why so?

A: The whole framework is marvellously forwards and questioning, and the setup is great. For example, Mr Skin is a rock “plus” type of song. Some forward reflection too. Very good. Critical pop journalism abounds on the album. Together with good melodic writing, arrangement and production. When the songs are forwards into the 70s, like Nature’s Way, they are not too overblown.  A prescient album, in many ways. In my rating, a classic.

Memorable lyric:

We got nothing to hide

Married to the same bride

Source: Epic LP Bl 30267, cover:


Spirit 12 dreams of dr Sardonicus

I found a graphic interpretation of this album here.

The music sounds great on vinyl, better than the digital versions I have found on the web.